24 June, 2010

Kenyan Serial Killer Philip Onyancha :Funny Photos!

The recently arrested, self confessed serial Killer Phillip Onyancha startled Kenyans with his shocking revelations that he had killed 17 victims majority being women,prostitutes and children.He still continues to startle Kenyan's in a ridiculous albeit funny way .Thanks to the internet, photoshop and a witty mind that have conjured the below photo that is doing the rounds around the Internet on Facebook and the blogosphere.

in the manipulated witty photo he is pictured being interviewed as a guest in popular television show hosted by the former CNN anchor Jeff Koinange.Count on Kenyans to make fun out of any situation !


  1. These killers eventually become celeb like!

  2. unfortunately it is so!

    have a good day and thanks for the comment Shiko

  3. I really do not see any humor in the serial killing of "women, children, and prostitutes"; I find it to be heartlessly in bad taste.

  4. why do i always break my chinese antique hearing those blogs?



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