07 June, 2010

Joe Bidens Visit To Kenya

American Vice-President Joe Biden has arrived in Kenya on a three day visit that will culminate in a visit to the World Cup opening ceremony in South Africa!The USA V-P Joe Biden is the top most official from President Barack Obama's administration to visit Kenya-Obama's fathers land.Pundits are speculating that his arrival is an indication that the Obama's administration is beginning to recognize and acknowledge the progress in reforms the Country has undertaken following the 2008 disputed election.Bidens visit has been marked with unprecedented heightened security.The fact that Biden did not address a press conference and that on disembarking from the plane and after being received by his local counterpart Kenyan Vice President Hon. Kalonzo Musyoka went straight to his vehicle indicates that his handlers the US Secret service are treating his visit with uttermost caution especially due to Kenya's proximity to Somalia and the threat of Al-Shabaab militia.His visit is expected to cause traffic snarl ups and mobile phone jamming

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