16 June, 2010

Ohio Church "Touchdown "Jesus Idol Struck By Lightning

The Guardian online is running a story about a six-storey statue of Jesus Christ in Ohio that was struck by lightning and the subsequent fire thereof reduced  the image to a scarred iron shell on Monday Night. The Ohio 'Jesus Statute' story is doing the rounds on different social media outlets .The figure which coincidentally was nicknamed " Touchdown Jesus" (a term borrowed from American football referees gesture of a touchdown) ironically has been the victim of a touchdown lightning bolt.

(image of burning statue courtesy of Guardian Online website!)

The event is raising different viewpoints especially among those opposed to the use of images, figurines or idols as aids to worship.No pun intended and with respect to other peoples opinion and divergent views i find the event hilarious(Link) !

Heres a YouTube Video

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  1. Wow, one of the best read posts so far.

  2. Somehow freaky! What do you think that means? The image of Jesus struck by a lightning that's really weird. Thanks for sharing=)



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