31 March, 2010

World Cup Soccer T Shirts (2010)

Soccer.comThe 2010 World Cup soccer/football craze is now on , a search on where to purchase the World Cup Soccer T-Shirts on Google yields over 2.9 million pages/hits.A similar search for World Cup 2010 football T- Shirts yields around 1.8 million web pages.Unfortunately most of the sites selling the World Cup shirts are foreign whereas the event is this time being held in Africa and one would presume that we would have more African companies taking the opportunity to brand their products and make killer sales by virtue that South Africa is hosting the event.

Reality is that many of the fans that will be traveling to Africa to witness the event would rather experience and or buy authentic and genuine African memorabilia(including Shirts, Jerseys, Key-rings, Bags..etc) .It is not too late to cash in on the tremendous E-Commerce opportunities available due to hosting the World Cup event.
That having been said if you are shopping for the various favourite national  football team Jerseys(T shirts) such as Brazil ,France,Argentina, England, Italy, Nigeria,Cameroon, Ghana, ...then Soccer.Com is your site with massive discounts,shop now by clicking on the adverts on this post;


  1. I can't wait for the World Cup this year! England v. US in June. It's very exciting. I may just have to get some shirts for myself and a few of my friends. Thanks for posting!

  2. Love the way you have presented the post with us buddy. keep it up.

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