13 April, 2010

Julius Malema:Disgraces Blacks in South Africa

Without doubt ,the recent racists slurs and remarks by the ANC ' Youth Caucus Leader cum Politician Julius Sello Malema to BBC journalist Jonah Fisher are a shame to a Country that so badly needs healing and reconciliation especially after many decades of racial segregation.

The fiery tongued Julius Malema at a media briefing held at the ANC Headquarters last Thursday  8 April, 2010 hurled unrestrained vitriol at the BBC Journalist especially after advocating for Zimbabwean style seizure of white owned farmlands.His speech has raised concerns even about the World Cup and seems to lend credence to many's fears that if left to manage the economy some of this black leaders would end up destroying it as has been the case in many African Countries.The video footage from YouTube on  Joseph Malema's insults from South African e- Channel  are quite telling....

It would be in order if many of the  native African leaders in South Africa could evidence that they are above revenge or retaliatory actions, however Malema just does not seem to get it.He seems not to have learnt any lesson from Nelson Mandela that such actions are only self defeatist both in the short and long run.

Mr Julius Malema's remarks are reminiscent of an adolescent school boy's response evincing lack of manners ,civility and self control.His fiery temper worked against him but it is not surprising that Malema used such speech, after all he keeps company with Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe.What should you expect?


  1. Racist animals are very unwelcome, at best. The remaining racists should follow the lead of those who have been leaving the country since '94. From Africa to South America to North America to Australia to New Zealand and elsewhere, racists have been a canker unto the lands they have settled. The depth of the hatred engendered by racists over centuries and ongoing, is ineffable, and if there is civil war in South Africa because delusional separatist racists presume a right to an enclave of African land, then they should expect reinforcement from non-South Africans like myself to expedite their eradication.

    Racist animals should not be under any illusion about the depth of the latent loathing of them - even behind smiles.

    It is better to lose half our population to eliminate racists from our continent, than to keep all our population and coexist with one racist.

  2. Hey! thanks for your comment on my blog! This is a good post too.



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