25 March, 2010

Just A Band's -Who is Makmende?

Makmende-a fictitious neighborhood villain/hero made a debut on the web and thanks to Facebook and social media has become  all famous!So who is MAKMENDE ? let the musical group "JUST A BAND" in  their song Ha-He explain this...watch the VIDEO produced by the hilarious  "Nyoyo na Uji Productions"

Makmende has become a Kenyan internet super-buzz , the name is coined from slang /sheng of a
 "super hero wannabe" .If you are a Kenyan and were born during the era of Shake, Kati ,Kalongo ,Madventure, Safo....makmende or unaji dai mak mende(you feel you are a hero) makes much sense !Makmende is so big that :
  1. It has a Wikepedia stub, undfortunately somebody some where has put the article up for deletion.
  2. The Video is great on YouTube
  3. Global Voices online has picked up on it
  4. An article on it appears on The Daily Nation pg 3 of 25 March 2010 AND Wall Street Journal Blog has covered him.
  5. It is a Twitter Hash # Tag
  6. He has a website where everyone is posting their take on who he is...such as e.g  When Makmende was a mono, the school principle used to wash his clothes, or , Makmende can touch MC Hammer, or ,Only Michael Joseph of Safaricom has the permission to write a Please Call Me to Makmende, Makmende uses viagra in his eyedrops, just to look hard.

Thats how big Makmende is !

He comes with a full syllabus book....remember this guys(Primary Mathematics).....

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