17 March, 2010

Youth Africamp 2010 At Lukenya Gateway

The Youth Africamp 2010 social network forum is currently ongoing i.e from 14 to 20 March 2010 at the Lukenya Getaway . The youth forum (barcamp) is being attended by over  two hundred youths from various African countries with intent to  foster youth empowerment and encourage youths to become  more engaged in civic activities in the public sphere and promote open society ideals.Africamp is sponsored by the Open Society Institute Youth Initiative (OSI YOUTH INITIATIVE).

 Without doubt the Africamp participants seem to be enjoying themselves as evidenced in the slide show annexed(Courtesy of  Africamp website)  and Mental acrobatics flickr link.Whereas the event has not received much main stream media publicity , i believe the ideals behind it are worth the attention of many Kenyan youths who unfortunately due to high unemployment and inflation rates are being caught up in negative and risky activities.Africamp 2010 seems to be among one of the few social media events that have proved successful in the Kenyan context in terms of the event being successfully managed and organized.For photos enjoy the slide show...


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