08 March, 2010

Soul Boy the Movie -Premiere

The much acclaimed Kenyan Independent movie dubbed "Soul Boy" premiered on Saturday 6th of March 2010 in Kenya's sprawling slum 'Kibera'. The movie which recently won an award at the Göteborg International Film Festival in Sweden has received a fair amount of media airplay even featuring on prime time news. Unfortunately the plot features a dalliance with a witchdoctor , a stereotype that often portrays  Africans as being overly mesmerized with the occult. For this i fault the movie.For a comprehensive Soul Boy movie review i find this Daily Nation Article insightful !

On the other hand without doubt the cinematography is not your usual cup of tea but quite an advancement in the region. Soul Boy was filmed by the Kenyan-Ghanaian Hawa Essuman in collaboration with the German director Tom Tykwer.The main cast in the movie is 14 year old Samson Odhiambo playing the character Abila and his Girlfriend Shiku played by Leila Dayan Opou  . To view the movie locally kindly visit the Silverbird website for the Soul Boy Showtime movie listing.

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