23 February, 2009

Twitter Search for Conversation

Twitter is dabbling with the idea of real-time search, which is a concept that should get Google worried atleast for the time being. The Twitter web conversation monitoring website has grown exponentially ( according to twitter blog they have acheived above 900% active user growth in just one year)and has now reached a critical mass level that can see it emerge as a new search engine giant but providing a new unique service that may see Google drooling!

Twitter search is now being hosted on its own sub domain at search.twitter.It seems more and more people are eager to know the latest conversation in the internet be it facebook, twitter etc and the fact that this social media platforms are accesible via mobile phones and other portable gadgets makes it the all more attractive! Interestingly twitter has only 29 employees but i am certain this is bound to change soon.Internet use is morphing at a tremendous rate , it seems man & woman is more pre-occupied with telling whats new or learning about it, blogs, social networks, celebrity gossip,chat and online conversations are the in thing and busineses are adapting to this new trend.In future candidates may just win an election based on their prominence in some of this social forums such as facebook-indeed exciting times lie ahead

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