10 February, 2009

Bloggers Get paid for your posts:Paying Post!

Traditional advertising is increasingly becoming unpopurlar as more and more people are being bombarded by billboards , TV Adverts, online pop up, text link,visual ,audio and other forms of advertisement.I for one am very particular when vising websites and hardly click through advertisements as essentially i believe i may be reffered to a product that i dont need or dont require and be requested to pay for it. It is said An average American adult is bombarded with more than 4,000 branding messages each and every day especially when they go online.The question is of the 4,000 how many will they respond to ?the reality is that almost none!

People are becoming advertisement resistant however a developing trend is to rely on social media and or blog reviews... etc from trusted friends who may have tried a product and who are able to describe in their own words their experience with certain products or services.That has given rise to social media marketing and many companies are towing the line to advertise through social websites, blogs etc.These has created a market that needs to be rapidly exploited.Thats where bloggers come in! Experienced bloggers and even newbies no matter their niche of writting can easily make money of their blog by writing clearly, coincisively and persuasively on a product and
be honest about it!This is possible if they join networking websites such as paying post blog advertising network!

(heres a screenshot of the blog)

Payingpost is a worthwhile website that has come to revolutionize the way one can advertise on blogs. For a certainty it is beyond dispute that online advertising has become more lucrative and effective than traditional advertising.But how to convince the consumer is the enigma of many advertising websites!Payingpost is blazing the trail in these regards. The site encourages bloggers to take up on opportunities that are truly relevant to them and write reviews that are honest and captivating.For payingpost bloggers and affiliates its not just about making money, reserving or writting posts - its about value- added service and well researched posts.Paying post hence becomes the ultimate link of choice for advertisers, consumers , bloggers, marketeers etc.

I have used blogvertise, payperpost etc but believe Payingpost is unrivalled in its user freindly nature consider the following if you are a newbie blogger and desire to get paid while you blog...the payingpost blog has a quick start guide for new bloggers at www.payingpost.com/blog/quick-start-guide-blogging-for-money/ .The article is quite informative.If you have tried different platforms to monetize your blog you will agree with me that payingpost gives its users maximum help possible to fulfill their task and to ensure that the blog does not loose its page rank! However payments are only done via paypal ....that is just the requirement that may hinder some bloggers but if you have a paypal email address then its all systems go! And paying post will help you to write good post, reviews and even some SEO optimization tips may come your way! So dont hesitate join up now!

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  1. hmmm... I think I will check it out. Thanks as always for your 'to the minute' posts.

    Mama S.

  2. thanks also for being a loyal reader!to make it better please join from my affiliate link on the post -have a good day

  3. i joined the payingpost but i am confused hehehe...

  4. i joined the payingpost but i am confused hehehe...

  5. hohoho, don't you feel that payingpost tracking code is very hard to load your blog page quickly? :)

  6. Thanks for this post...
    I think it will come in handy as I've been looking to monetize my blog that gets over 200 unique visitors a day. :)

  7. Great post -But have you realised that this people are scamming people into blogging for them and not getting paid?

    Here's blog post on the issue with huge response.

  8. Hi writer, this kind of blogging network is scamming people, they don't pay bloggers after reaching the payout limit. Poor bloggers.

  9. They have now closed their second site due to people power I guess :)

    Most people did not get their payment - which I believe led to advertisers not using them for campaign.

    I would look elsewhere if I were anyone of you in search of ways to make money online.



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