18 February, 2009

Guantanamo Military Prison -The Remaining Bit !

On November 13th 2001 following the twin towers USA bombing the then American President George Bush signed an executive order that would among other things result in the establishment of the Guantanmmo Military Prison where detainees of the alleged"war against Terror" would be held without any formal trial.The age old adage you are innocent till proven guilty was put to shame and disregarded!

This step led to various Human Rights abuses that need to be addressed at the present moment. Whereas the Current USA President Baarck H Obama has signed an executive order towards he closure of this facilities ! It is prudent that this matter receive his further attention. The USA oplays a big brother role and if it is seen that the USA can tolerate and or encourage impunity, then other countries may be tempted to follow suit including African Countries which have a known tendency and habit to abuse human rights.

Amnesty international seeks to engage you in acampaign to ensure that those who forment, encourage and perpetuate impunity should be held to account no matter their creed,race, stature or colour!

Since January 11 2009 Amnesty international began an Obama 100 Days e-action campaign with a globalpetition calling for international solidarity behind 17 concrete steps to change US policy( list of which can be obtained at the site).

The Kenyan debate at the moment revolves around agenda three of the campaign which involves"Ensure that an independent commission of inquiry is established to investigate and look into all aspects of the USA’s detention and interrogation practices in the “war on terror” !

What you can do? this campaign calls upon you to sign the petition at http://www.obama100days.org which will be used to marshall suport for the stablishment of an independent commision that will ensure the whole world knows there can be no toleration of impunity in a modern and just society.

Last week i attended a webinar/teleconversation with Amnesty international officials in the UK and some Kenyan bloggers alot of ideas came forth including the question whether Guantanamo is purely an American Affair(i would appreciate your thoughts on this) .A number of the said bloggers have posted insightful articles that you can read:
1. marvintumbo on Guantanamo
2.odeglenyanginv-Human rights and home truths
3. truemindz on Obama to announce closure of guantanamo

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