06 February, 2009

Africa's World Best Reality TV Show !

Africa will soon witness a reality tv show dubbed "Africa's World Best Talent Search Show" which is is set to be the biggest reality TV talent show bringing the entire world to Africa with Kenya as the host nation. The show is aimed to be an annual reality TV talent show set to showcase and discover the great potentials, hidden talents from gifted individuals and groups ranging from musicians to fashion designers, comedians, actors, script writers, actresses, poets, sculptors, acrobats, jewellery makers and other unique talents from 52 Countries Africa.

Africa’s World Best main mission as stated in the website is :"to develop Africa, empower and reward Africans through talent. Educational facilities, recreational facilities to help develop and nurture African talent, employment of youth through the new sustainable projects and community hospitals are some of the most important things Africa’s World Best LTD will focus on. In order to fulfil the above, we have therefore created a non-profit entrepreneurial foundation called AWB Together"

The initiative will plough back 40% of the profit from Africa’s World Best (AWB) reality TV talent show to assist young Africans to set up businesses, sustainable projects and create more jobs resulting in income growth in Africa. AWB Together will begin this process with Kenyan youth and gradually spread to the rest of Africa. That is quite some good news!

Up for grabs is: US $ 100,000 and a Car, I-pods, a luxury weekend stay at Kenya’s top 5 star Whitesand Beach Resort and Spa located in the sand beaches of Mombasa,mp3 players, portable cd players, laptops, TV, DVD players, mobile phones AND MORE .....

The show will be hosted by Ugandan Gaetano Kagwa, Cherise Makubale and Vicky Ngari among others and expects guest appearances from leading international personalities such as Nelson Mandela, Wahu Kagwe,Will Smith, Oprah Winfrey and the likes.This will be such an ambitious projects and hopefully with positive benefits to the African youths within the continent !

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