05 February, 2009

Blognetworks Facebook Campaign

I am engaging myself in developing a facebook presence using blognetworks -a facebook application!

At the moment i have 23 fans most of whom are bloggers following this blog on facebook, i intend to reach 100 in the next two months.So if you are a fan of this blog and are on Facebook perhaps you may care to follow this blog on facebook and receive the latest post on your facebook profile page.

My bog networks facebook widget is on the side of this blog but i repost it in this blog for your ease in joining:

Social networks have become a favourite medium of communication online ! Its so easy to trace old acquintances,primary ,high school or college friends and network on Facebook, Furthermore one can can join up facebook on their mobile phones (including Smart phones , i-phones,Nokia and other phones that have internet capacity) and follow up on their friends activities.so if you havent joined up please do so today and then follow this blog on Facebook Today !

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