01 December, 2008

World Aid's Day 2008(Ribbon)

Today 1st December, 2008 is world Aids day, while i may not put a comprehensive post i thought it proper to display a red ribbon on this post as my contribution and express my solidarity with persons living with HIV, Caregivers and NGO'S involved in positive activities around the Disease.I would like to laud the progress that Kenya has realised in managing this epidemic though i still abhor the stigma that most Kenyans still associate with those having the scourge! Its sad that most people associate people living with HIV Virus with loose morals or having got what they deserved while often that may not be the case! Employers still continue to sack employees whom they suspect to have aids often on flimsy excuses! The discrimination that Aids patients suffer from their own is reminescent of how lepers were treated by the pharisees in ancient Israel-with so much disdain!

Support World AIDS DayTheres definately much which needs to be done to educate most in our society to be able to respect and protect persons living with Aids. Much or work especially needs to be done in ensuring that persons afflicted with the virus receive adequate healthcare and affordable treatment.I regard HIV in the same manner as Tuberculosis-it is treatable and one can live a normal healthy life.I therefore say NO TO STIGMA and YES TO LIFE and in tandem with the theme of world Aids day 2008( LEAD , EMPOWER & DELIVER) hereby display my ribbon and support for persons living with Aids!

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