22 December, 2008

How To Use Adgitize To Make Money Online !

Making money from blogging is something every blogger at the back of the mind would like to achieve but its not so easy as it seems. Sometime back i didd a post inviting readers/bloggers to join advertise a service that enables bloggers accumulate points that can be converted to cash especially for each article written.

Today i ould like to share excerpts from Adgitize newsletter on how to score points ion their advertising platform:

Many people would like to earn money for their writing. There are many ways to do that on the web with companies like Pay Per Post and similar. But, those companies limit your blogging topics. Did you know that by scoring points with Adgitize that those points are translated each month into an income? A portion of your monthly points are accumulated by the articles you write on your blog.

How to Score Points

How do you score points for the articles you write? It's very easy. Just log in to the Adgitize Member Lounge. Then click on the Manage Blogs menu item below the MastHead. When you land on the Manage Your Blogs page choose the Edit Blog Info button. At the bottom of the Edit page you will see Blog Rss Feed. Copy the path of your RSS Feed into the box and click the Update Blog Button. Then you are done.

Once you have completed that simple task then go back to writing on your blog. You score Adgitize points for one article per day on your blog. These are articles that you write about subjects you find interesting. Adgitize won't tell you what to write on your blog. Adgitize doesn't force you to write about clothing, cola, consumer goods or other non-interesting items. You communicate to your readers the discussion points important to you.

Points Are Converted To Dollars

At the end of each month your article points are totaled with the other points you score from Adgitize. Points for your ad views, page views, advertising and visits to the members of our network. Once all these points are totaled, they are converted into dollars for your consumption.

Adgitize pays monthly to members after they reach a payout of only $10. So, you get the money you earned right away. No waiting for months to earn $100 or more, payouts fast. Your dollars get delivered to you. So, if you haven't already set up your rss feed then do so today so you can begin earning more money. You are already blogging, so you might as well earn something from it.

Isn't just that beautiful!if you are already Aditizing i bet its news that you will sincerely treasure.If you are not....Join Now


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  2. Deborah, thanx for visiting n readingmy blog, im out to delite my readers online experience and i have writen alot1 go to the archives n benefit! thanks
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  3. Thank you so much for visiting my blog. I appreciate your kind words. I figured it would be more productive for me to establish a blog that mirrored who I am as a person, instead of what is normal and popular in the blog world! Thank you again for your support!


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  5. thanks n you are welcome to follow on blogger or twitter or sign up on the rss feed for regurlar updates

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