17 December, 2008

Disguise your Caller I.D and Mobile Phone Voice

I have just come accross a website that offers a revolutionary service that enables one to disguize their voice over the phone.The site is :Sign Up For 123Spoof.com Today! Spoof.Com
In Kenya i bet such a service would most positively used to play pranks or in deviant ways and that worrying.But its interesting to know that with the use of a spoof card you can actually change how your voice sounds over your mobile or other telephones!The list of services spoof .com is endless including customizing your voice mail inbox,nots after a call, call logs etc.

Need business leads?

Its interesting what the world/humans are able to accomplish technology wise!

By the way for Kenyan /International readers.This service is available for anyphone, anywhere, anytime!Kenya included i presume!

Sign Up For 123Spoof.com Today!

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  1. Indeed I think this one will do well with the under-50 crowd. LOL.

    Thanks for stopping by and for the compliment. Now I can stay current on what's going on in Nbo through your eyes.



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