11 December, 2008

Adgitize Your Blog and Make Money

I have just gone through a friends blog Clement Nyirenda and discovered a revolutionary ad serving service thats bound to be bloggers favourite in a huff: Adgitize Adgitize your web site..The reality is many bloggers don their sites with many ads with the hope of earning money but few actually do make any money at all! Most money minting ad services just end up exploiting bloggers.Its nice to see a hybrid service that will not only earn you money but earn you traffic, exposure and reward you for your posts without necsarrily offending your readers. You only need to continue posting as usual and visit other member sites:simple and rewarding!

Adgitize your web site.

Im certain the service will be a hot one for many bloggers to enable them run quality ads and earn money not just credit for clicking other adgitize ads on other blogs(thats a death knell for Entrecard).The Concept behind it is revolutionary as it enables publishers and affiliates generate traffic and in the process earn money for page visits, posts done and serving ads! We are certainly thankful for the Company owner Mr Ken Brown for coming up with such a brilliant idea!I bet thats good news for many of us!Acording to the owners the term adgitize by defeinition was arrived at from a merging of the following two words "Advertising "and " Agitate". Agitate means to give motion to or to move with irregular or violent action. To arouse public feeling. Advertise means to make something known publicly. To announce by notice or broadcast. To arouse a desire for action. Adgitize then is to arouse our customers to action. To get people to take action by writing in their blog, by visiting other blogs and by clicking on ads.

Adgitize your web site.

Hope you will find this information quite useful(especially if you are an African blogger) and Sign Up


  1. Oh this will most certainly be helpful. Kwanza for me since I'm already blog hopping using Entrecard, I could just transfer that energy to a money making venture of the same nature.

    Thanks as always for the info.

    Nairobian happy holidays. Merry X-mas and happy new year. I'm taking a break from blogosphere and E-life as a whole - see you in Jan.

  2. hey nice work.....but i tried every thing to earn online and got success in this site only


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  3. Yes adgitize looks like a very good platform; I was actually luck enough to get an interview with Ken over at my blog:


    Lets hope it grows well

  4. Adgitize does indeed looks very good and seems to be taking the entrecard model to the next level.

    I was actually luck enough to grab a Interview with Ken Brown of Adgitize and the updates pending make it seem like a very viable passive income stream

  5. yes, I agree that the reality is many bloggers end up dont earn any hard cash. so I doubt this adgitize is any different...but thanks for sharing!



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