27 November, 2008

Mumbai Under Terror Attack(Breaking News)

I am just going over CNN live pictures over the terrorist mayhem that has been unleashed on Indian trade hub Mumbai by islamic terrorist extremists and its quite shocking .More than 100 people are feared dead in attack currently being blamed on the group Deccan Mujahedeen.

Gunmen in small groups armed with Grenades and automatic rifles have unleashed terror on ten popular tourist sites including the epic and magnificent hotel Taj Mahal , hotel oberoi, train stations etc

The terrorists opened fire at nearly half a dozen places in south Mumbai at around 10pm on Wednesday, and soon took hundreds, including foreigners and businessmen, hostage. Gunmen opened fire from AK-47 rifles at the city’s busiest railway terminal, CST, killing nearly 20 people.

Fear swept through the city, as frequent gunfire was heard from public places. Explosive-laden vehicles, including a taxi near the international airport, blew up. The authorities decided to call in the army early this morning and sought additional commandos from Delhi.

Terrorists took hundreds hostage in the Taj Mahal and Oberoi hotels in south Mumbai, minutes after they had fired with their AK-47 rifles. They threw hand-grenades at the Oberoi hotel, setting two floors aflame.As we speak Police are still evacuating the building with sniffer dogs, sharpshooters etc engaged in the activity.Its scary!

What a sad affair for the world and a lesson to the security intelligence apparatus all over the world. I hope Kenya's anti terrorism outfit take a lesson that terrorists are morphing in their tactics and now are adopting a widespread sporadic shooting of civilians in public places most likely visited by tourists.This kind of tactic stretches the response team and can very easily overwhelm! CNN reported that Indian Police in Mumbai were overwhelmed by the well co-ordinated attacks and have had to call in the military. The question for Kenya's internal security apparatus is how long can it take for the Kenyan Military to be up and operationally responsive to such an attack and whether there is a strategic well co-ordinated response plan by the relevant departments including the health services, fire brigade, bomb squad, ambulance service etc seeing that islamic extremists groups from Somalia recently threatened the Republic.....The Threat is real! No one is safe the question is how do you respond when it begins?

For those Kenyans having relatives in Mumbai and eager to know their well being there are a number of new media bloggers responding to the crisis as seen at :http://network.nationalpost.com/np/blogs/posted/archive/2008/11/26/live-blog-mumbai-residents-online-community-react-to-terror-attacks.aspx where information is being shared.USHAHIDI can just be deployed there to crowd source information from first account witnesses. A sad day indeed for the World and something to learn from!


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  2. I could not sleep well. As soon as I would get up I would switch on My TV and see what happened. Only then I could do anything else. Thats horrible



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