20 November, 2008

Sex Craze Hits The Nation !

It is often said sex sells but little is said of how sex kills....perhaps this attitude may just be behind the sex craze that is apparently beginning to manifest itself outrightly within the republic!

Note the following interesting items that have just hit our media portals of late!
  • Today morning one of the news items on alocal radio station was that a study conducted in a Kenyan Church revealed that 1 out of 10 married Kenyan men are having an extra marital affair...now thats not a figure you would expect to get in a church but again factors as to the size of the church come into play.
  • The Standard today reports that annually around 1,000 Kenyan women are trafficked to Germany for sex trade ,ponography and other illicit acts.CRADLE Kenya a Human Right 's(youths at Kenyan party) NGO reports that child abuse/Defilement cases of youths aged between 10-14 years has increased in middle class neighbourhoods such as South C, Buru Buru, Kilimani, Utalii, Ridgeways,Westlands etc
  • Wednesdays Morning Maina Kageni's talk Show on Classic 105.2 Fm featured an advert on one of the local dailies classifieds about a prostitution den in Komarock /umoja where one can get to witness one, two, three or even five Lesbian girls having sex at the price of Kshs 5,000(about 70 US Dollars) per hour.And what was shocking was that this live sex act shows were prevalent in almost all the middle class neighbourhoods within Nairobi.Most of the participants being young teenagers.
  • Both prominent Local Dailies Nation and Standard Newspapers had to pull out the personals and beauty classified sections afer the same featured brazen adverts for escort services, massage parlours, prostitution(gay,lesbian,bi sexual services) ,local ponographic adult DVDs, Kenyan Swingers website links ,Sex enhancement products etc.
  • But what show s the extent of moral degradation and corruption that has been embraced as normal is the fact that posters don the city centre advertising local adult DVD's (to make it more raunchy they describe them as featuring Lughya, Kamba ,Kalenjin, Taita Girls) available for home delivery complete with phone number at almost every corner on Kimathi Street, Moi Avenue , etc.Church Kesha's with savvy gospel music have in some instances been the precipice for orgies(happened with the Israelites when they adopted Caananite festivals and danced under the large trees and before the disgusting images of baal of peor that featured the male and female sexual organs,They even had an official temple prostitute remember-there is no new trick that Satan uses, just same old, same old !)
The Country seems to be pre-occupied with sex and its trade at almost all levels of society,the music, the entertainment, the adverts,the tv shows, local mini -series you name it one would think that we have just discovered sex!Nude bars/table top strippers are now not a preserve of the West but right at the heart of the City Centre as entertainment joints(I.E Liddos and Apple Bees etc).And they have the audacity of advertising on local media despite stringent criminal and prohibitive legislation such as the Penal Code!What is perhaps disheartening is the fact that the many school going teenage girls and boys are being recruited into this vice when they can hardly make an informed decision.Further is the fact that due to unemployment, rampant and high competition for the limited university employment...wanton sex and drug abuse has become the pasttime for many youths.

Like Bernie Mac would say:KENYA ! RIGHT THERE YOU ARE SITTING ON A PROBLEM!the challenge now falls primarily on parents, the religious leaders,Society, the Government etc in that peking order!
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  1. Also there’s a lot of nonsense spewing out of FM stations and the ring leader must be one Maina Kageni. Unless he has stopped, he and his callers used to discuss sex so brazenly on radio mpaka you wonder does he not know sometimes Radio is listened to by a different mix of people like in mathrees? The guy had quite a good time talking about pale pale if the way he laughs is any indication.

    There are some sleazy magazines that used to be sold on the streets here in Msa. They had disappeared for some time but now they back. That means someone stopped them and then relaxed. Or received a bribe to allow them back. The vendors arrange them right there next to the newspapers and other mainstream magazines. Even those mainstream ones like True Love will always reserve a few pages just for sex. Even our newspapers especially the Standard has become a tabloid of sorts.

    TV stations though a little bit more subtle are not off the hook either. I recall an article you did here some time about NTV. True there’s too much sex in our faces. What can we do about it? What if someone tries to stop them might they sing the human rights song for us?

  2. sex in itself is a Gift from God and agood thing but one cannot eat,sleep,drink,dream,talk sex all the time! and yer you can get bored thats why one stops no matter the stud he or she is !there is aright place and right time for everything!

  3. With regards to on-air conversations about sex, I don't know if it's so much a moral degredation so much as a loosening of strictures. Remember, before we were "civilised" by the colonials, we weren't Christian, women went around bare-breasted and sex would have been no big deal.

    You could also argue that part of the reason we have such a high incidence of HIV infection is because people don't talk about sex enough, and it's ignorance that is killing, rather than sex.

    The one worrying development is the involvement of teenagers with the sex trade. That's something that needs to be stamped out, but of course, first you need to identify who is at risk, who's compelling them and how to decrease demand for that kind of service.

  4. I was recently home on holiday (live in the US currently) and was truly dismayed by the loose morals and overemphasis on sex in local culture. I didn't go to Mombasa, but my cousins laughingly informed me about how it is SO MUCH WORSE at the coast - hard to imagine when I was witnessing married people in the process of committing adultery, young kids "making out" in public - for shame!, older married men coming onto me and my younger cousins when we were out and about, girls dressed really, really provocatively, married women parading their "boyfriends", and the list goes on.

    I worry that this is what Kenyans imagine is going on abroad - and unfortunately, it's not true at all. I've lived in a lot of big cities in Europe and in the US, and even though there is an undercurrent of sexual behavior as falsely promoted by TV and other media, it is nowhere near as blatant and embarassing as it was in Nairobi. I have never been more fearful for our youth. Our collective loss of innocence is going to lead to a greater prevalence of new HIV and Herpes (and other STD) cases which is the last thing we need as a society.



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