03 November, 2008

Africa & Obama- Frenzy Grips Africa!

From Capetown in South Africa to Cairo in Egypt....Obama is the most frequented name in Africa as America goes to decide in less than 24 hours.For many an Obama Presidency seems to be an emancipation for Africa .In Kenya the frenzy is now at an all time peak.A commissioned poll indicates that 94 % of the Kenyan populace endorse Barack Obama over Mc Cain! Bill boards are being set up from Jomo Kenyatta International Airport to Kisumu and Kogelo-Senators Obama's ancestral home.Workers are taking leave from work in order to monitor the elections tomorrow with al Jazeera news network vowing to update the African audience on the American Presidential results 12 hours non stop from the USA.Local media stations sent their journalists on the campaign trail and they will be updating their viewers on the early poll results as they trickle in!

There is definately a flurry of Activity in Kenya.Foreign Journalists are arriving in droves in Nairobi to capture that moment when (with all likelihood) Senator Obama is declared the President of the United States of America.In South Arica posters and banners are being put up stating"GOBAMA".In Uganda a road has been named Senator Barack Obama Road,Africans are doning t-shirts with emblems and photos of Obama, from TV Shows to Radio Talk Shows,Daily Newspapers Africa is Obaminicland for the moment full of Obama mania!

In the African Blogophere and on the internet Obama is the most popular search keyword.The times,All Africa.com, Africanews, Mail & Guardian online (South Africa) feature articles on Africa's expectation of an Obama Presidency.From Andy in Malawi, For the Love of Money Blog,Asad's blog ,Kenya's popular blog Kumekucha ec...posts are being churned by the minute on this great person.Its all Obama over the place!

What great hope is being put on a fellow human being.Unfulfilled expectations will result in equally great loss but thats a risk that one too many are willing to take yet again and again.Will there really be Change that one can believe in? Time will tell!

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  1. Not only in Africa, but in many other countries they are happy and excited about Obama winning.
    This puts a lot of pressure on him to have a successful presidency, but I'm sure he's the man to do it.

    I'm so happy that he won! :)



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