05 November, 2008

An Inspiring Moment -Obama Wins USA Elections


The Government of Kenya has just declared tomorrow a public holiday immediately after the Republican Nominee John MC Cain conceded the election and Barrack Obama was declared President Elect according to a CNN Presidential elections result tally.It was a landslide victry for the Obama"and Joe Bidden Ticket with oBama garnering 338 to Mc Cains 155 electoral votes.

Kenyans immediately erupted to celebrations with some newscasters and radio talk show hosts popping champagne bottles!Obama's victory speech delivered in Chicago Illinois was truly inspiring as he reached out to Americans who may not have voted for him and reminded them of the challenges that first were and that lay ahead...truly inspiring !The moving victory speech left Jesse Jackson crying...histry has been made!


  1. The audacity of hope! History has indeed been made.

  2. In this defining moment in history, as Obama ascends to the most powerful office in world politics, Mwai Kibaki, Raila Odinga and the rest of Kenya's politicians should learn one lesson or two.Democracy must come back to Kenya NOW!If the Americans did it the Kenyan way, Obama would not have been elected President.These Governments of National Unity will not help us in Africa.I am still very sad for Kenya because of the sad events that gripped the country early this year.

  3. I hope that Kenyan leaders will follow the example of this man.

    We need men and women of integrity to lead our country.

  4. This is not only the success of Obama,it is the success of people indeed...

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