18 January, 2008

Nurturing Violence !

Some of the scenes being witnessed in the media especially in relation to the Police curbing demonstrations are appalling! I verily condemn any killing, maiming, assault or deprivation of property by any person on account of race or political affiliation or any such other kind of reason, but at the same time i condemn in the strongest terms the brutality and execution of Kenyan citizens being carried out in the full glare of Kenyan and International journalist by the Kenya Police. Futhermore Kenya Police response and management of the flaring violence is archaic and ill informed!

I believe that some people, out of political interests and or convenience are supporting the Police for their actions. But that is outright stupidity! The Police are charged with the mandate to protect and serve but not to extra-judiciously kill. It is true that within this mandate they are empowered to use "reasonable force” in apprehending tort feasors but that is not a license to kill anyhowly. One cannot be said to have used reasonable force when he or she shoots dead a 10 year un- armed school boy in Kisumu, a thirteen year old school girl in Kibera! What threat did this young child pose to the security machinery? This wanton destruction of life and use of live bullets must cease!

Unknown to the Police a culture of violence and hatred for all authority is being planted in the minds of the citizenry. The more they are abusing the citizen’s fundamental rights and duties the more they are encouraging the citizenry to take up arms and or to believe in resorting to violence! A story is told of a father who used to physically abuse his child only for the child in his teenage hood to fatally injure the father!

Use of unreasonable force yields the same negative results and 911 brought that reality to the American continent that there can be no impunity! Rather than create enmity with the citizenry the police should foster friendship and partnership. It should be remembered that all who have died in these attrocities either due to the acts of ethnic cleansing or police brutality belong to families who will forever ponder on why it happened and that a dangerous and vengeful society may sprout in the future!As it stands violent management of the current crisis is only serving to foment portent hatred which like a young tree will bring forth unkind fruits on maturity!Kenyans lets make Peace not War!

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