14 January, 2008

Kenya-A Crisis Unfolding !

Kenya is on the brink of disaster if the current political impasse does not reach a just and equitable conclusion soonest! The crisis being witnessed has a huge impact not only to the Kenyan populace and economy but regionally and universally and sad t say may just get worse!

It is not a secret that terrorism thrives and grows in unstable areas and situations where turmoil is rife! I’m sure terrorist groups such as al-Qaeda and the likes would very like to see Kenya descend into chaos for two primary reasons: one, to recruit and two to carry out acts of terrorism under the prevailing insecurity. It therefore stands that international concern must come in immediately and be felt! However the developed Countries are betraying the Kenyan population by insisting that "an African or Kenyan Solution be reached!" the truth is that there is nothing like a Kenyan or African solution when it comes to Justice. The precepts of Justice are universal and immutable. Murder is a crime punishable no matter which jurisdiction there is, same goes for theft, arson, genocide etc. The stand therefore taken by the foreign governments is hypocritical and will not aid the world in becoming a more equitable and just place! There can be no shifting of standards so as to cater for personal and selfish commercial interests! At the same time the Present Government should not shun international efforts to resolve this crisis because if terrorism rears its ugly head, histry has proved that we do not have the capacity to contain or control it. At the same time the violence being witnessed has immense propensity to spiral out of control. It would be hypocritical to seek foreign cooperation at that stage!

With the current insecurity situation, unstable elements within the region from Uganda and elsewhere may just recruit from the slighted local populace thereby spiraling this matter to uncontrollable heights (Infact some of the atrocities are raising eyebrows as to the possibility of outside assistance and/or intervention).It is therefore imperative that the political class does not brush away or scorn at the problem. The future of the Country and populace is indeed at stake and the presence of armed militia such as the Sabaot Land Defence Force further complicates the affair! There is a real and emergent danger that Kenya may go the way of civil strife experienced in some African Countries such as Sierra Leone, DRC etc. That is too high a price to pay due to a flawed electoral process!

Over the past few days I’ve been keenly following the NTV program Voice of Reason hosted by Julie Gichuru and i hope that those charged with responsibility for our welfare are listening. Grandstanding each other is ruining the future not only for ourselves but also our children and future generations. It is only wise that the problem be stemmed at this stage lest the country be scarred irredeemably!

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