28 January, 2008

Blogging for Peace!

It is nice to see that quite a number of Kenyan Bloggers out there are appreciating the gravity of the problem before us and rather than forment hatred they are crying out for peace.Your efforts are to be applauded!Thi noble endeavour has caught the attention of the international media e.g The Daily Telegraph but the question remains ,what about us Kenyans ,are we heeding the call to maintain and seek Peace? With fresh violence erupting in Naivasha,Kisumu,Nakuru etc ,I hardly think so.The challenge for Kenyan bloggers is to write posts advocating for Peace ,their contribution may go along way in healing the nation that is now very polarised!

Notable among these bloggers is Harry Karanja who has set up a blog entitled ,amanikenya calling out to Kenyans to now try peace,while indeed a majority of the bloggers are pressing for Justice so that peace prevail, it is noteworthy that the hostilities must cease to pave way for investigations that may give room for justice.The events in Nakuru and Naivasha are depressing and worrisome.We have deviated from normalcy and morality and are now resorting to primitive violence to try solve problems that cannot be solved by arms!

I verily invite more bloggers to unite in voicing a unanimous call for Peace !The friends of Kenya Organization have a post inviting all Kenyan bloggers to list their posts calling for peace at friendsofkenya.org .That is a noble venture.I hope all Kenyan bloggers will take up this venture.Infact i propose that a Kenya Peace Blog carnival be immediately commenced to attract us to the very things that unite us rather than those that divide us!There is no need to ruin the Country famed for the saying "HAKUNA MATATA"(espoused in he Lion King Movies) meaning there is no problem!

What is further aggravating the problem is the denial by those in resonsibility about the extent and magnitude of the strife that is being experienced in Kenya.The Police are giving far lower figures for the death toll than the civil society and the media.Well its not in Kenya's interest to argue about the number of dead ,what's more important is to recognise that lives are being lost by the minute and that the leaders must seek a solution- fast before the violence reaches uncontrolable level !No matter which tribe or nationality ,each life lost is an indictment to us all! May we shun tribalism and all its proponents and embrace peace for the posterity of us and our future generations!

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