10 January, 2008

Justice-Double Standards?

The 2007 Kenyan Presidential elections have proved to be a sore disappointment not only to Kenyans but also international observers.The human cost as a result of the violence following the Preidential results announcements cannot be quantified atleast not in terms of value or monetary terms.It is an open admission by both sides of the two main opposing political parties that grave anomalies punishable by law were witnessed!

What is perhaps confounding is that despite the very clear electoral laws and flaws within the Country no Electoral Commision of Kenya official save for one poll clerk at Uhuru Gardens- Langata parliamentary ward has been arrested and charged before a competent court of law!The Police commisioner was quick to assert that electoral offendors will be arrested and punished "according to the law" yet his officers are lacksaidical to investigate and arrest all offendors including those instigating violence and those who perpertuated electoral offences including altering statutory documents!

Justice is a word that is now being trumpeted with different opposing views as to what is just.Justice has become relative and dependent on how one looks at it. Apparently, expecting a sense or some form of human justice from humans controlled and influenced by political and other forms of affiliations will definately prove to be elusive!The question remains then if justice is not determined by set standards and precepts will the common citizenry within the republic expect justice and be confident of it in his own suit?Will he willingly subject himself to such a process when the outcome may have some form of relativity as to what is right and just and when it is apparent that the law will be selectively applied to all concerned? hardly! This is what creates despondents!

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