23 January, 2008

Holding Our Breath !

Many politicians and members of public seem to downplay and /or are outrightly ignoring the effects and underlying causes of the violence that has gripped the Country and is bound to recurr with greater tenacity if not addressed! As mediation efforts being led by former UN Secretary General Koffi Annan kick start today,most Kenyans are holding their breath with good cause!

With the hard line stands being adopted by both parties.The abuses, ignorance and arrogance of the leaders,we can only but pity ourselves as a Nation!A long lasting solution may hardly be arrived at ! Our leaders have such little foresight,moral authority and humility so as to forego personal ambition for the sake of Peace and Unity! The human engineered , systematic and massive irregularities witnessed during the elections from both antagonistic camps demonstrates just how low the leaders have sunk morallyand spiritually in their ambition to retain or acquire power.And non has the courtesy to admit to these irregularities.

Their hypocrisy is further revealed by their claim to be christian against the backdrop of what Jesus said in John 13:34 & 35 I am giving YOU a new commandment, that YOU love one another; just as I have loved YOU, that YOU also love one another. By this all will know that YOU are my disciples, if YOU have love among yourselves." What a stinging indictment your honours! Such love would be so endearing that true christians would be willing to sacrifice their lives for each other like Jesus did for his disciples.But of course we now know that since they are killing each other(through emisaries of course) they do not qualify under the authority of this scripture to be even linked with Christianity.That is straight talk,lies,etc can never be truth no matter what argument,self deceit or viewpoint one takes! Christendom(the mass of self proclaimed christian churches) on the otherhand do no good for these leaders and their adherents.True you may appear right before men, but are you right before God?Should these same bloodguilty persons receive the prominent seats and be even allowed to lead the masses in surmon when very clearly they countermand and abuse the teachings of Jesus ! Hardly-that is the hypocrisy of the church.Indeed despite Hitlers atrocities he still held a special place within the Church in Germany.The symbolic pharises and Sadducees(weeds among the wheat) who courted Pilate and Herod as described in the Gospels and letters of the apostles,continue to subsist till today awaiting divine Judgement !

Chritianity aside it is important to note that the inaction or action of the political class has opened an abyss that the populace is slowly sinking into.Some of the comments on various social sites frequented by kenyans such as kenyaimagine, Mashada,Kenya.rcbowen" are exhibiting such deep,intense , invidious ethnic hatred,prejudices and polarisation as has never been witnessed before! That is a worrying trend!

On the other hand we have positive bloggers such as Kenyan Pundit, Afromusing, ,mentalacrobatics, Ushahidi, who are doing a great job fostering unity accross the divide!While it is true that the leaders may or may not reach a solution or may downplay the attrocities and sufferings experienced by thousands of innocent Kenyans .The truth is that we are all accountable for what we do and somehow along the way we will bear individual responsibility for our actions or omisions before the Almighty and with him there is no hypocrisy, favouritism, ethnicity or untruth !

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