29 November, 2007

Call to Nobel Laurete-Wangari Mathai

The renowned 2004 Kenyan Nobel laureate Wangari Mathai recently lost Party of National Unity (PNU) nominations to pursue the Tetu Parliamentary seat. This did not come as surprise as she has met several politically significant blows ever since her winning the prestigious award and being appointed a paltry assistant minister in the Ministry of Environment!

Yesterdays KTN Programme hosted by Linus Kaikai confirmed what the public has all along been calling her to do: quit politics, as she is way above that political seat and it is certainly hoped that she will heed call. It is hoped that as a private citizen she will not be partisan and or limited by party policy but will act selflessly in defending the environment -the core duty that landed her the Nobel accolade. But the question is will she heed that voice of reason?

There is so much ahead of her including a shot at becoming the first African woman secretary general of the United Nations, but politics can certainly muddle that ambition.

Take for example, after having banned the cultivation of crops in forested areas, in an apparent attempt to win the electorate votes in the upcoming 2007 December polls, the Government through minister for Environment and Natural Resources, Hon David Mwiraria announced on November 1st 2007 that Non-residential cultivation system of certain forests will soon be reintroduced with new rules for implementation after a 8year ban. No doubt this will result in massive logging to create space for planting. It is certainly challenging for her to continue to be part and parcel of a system that negativates the gains made in pursuing ecologically sound principles! It therefore stands to reason that she should dedicate more time to her Green Belt Movement, re-energize it and adopt more policies and programmes that are sustainable in the long run and sensitize the public, the Diaspora and the continent on the same. A feat that will definately demand more time than she can currently give juggling both interests at the same time.

Infact it is a mark of greatness to delegate and handle that which one can more effectively handle, take for example the fact that Jesus said his disciples would do more than he could be able to accomplish in his three and a half year ministry! Indeed he could not by himself reach the whole world but he helped and trained his apostles who would eventually through word of mouth and other means reach the whole world(Acts 1 :8).That is a classic mark of Greatness and is certainly hoped many will heed it!

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