14 November, 2007

More Local Content on Kenyan TV

Ever since the demise of the popular tv comedy show Redykyulass! featuring Walter Mongare(aka.Nyambane,nyams etc), parliamentary aspirants John Kiarie(K.J)Peter Kaimenyi(Kajairo)Maurice Otieno(Mdomo Baggy) and Antony Njuguna ...etc few Kenyans hardly spend considerable time watching the telly.

That has changed with the introduction of more localised content starting with the famed "Kobra Squad!" airing on NTV which betrays the mentality of the official Government Spokesman Alfred Mutua. The 'action packed' program reeks the influence of the days of rambo,chuck norris and the likes what is actually missing is that local narrator at the popular tv dens who commentates with much gusto at the unveiling action packed scenes.But the program is descent! features innovativenes and may go along way if the on screen advertisement bits are minimized considerably.That's a start for now but we hope it will be more realistic,convincing and eye catching as we go along.

Other tv s that have captured our attention is the two popular comedy shows being aired by Citizen TV i.e 'Papa Shirandula'(a stereotype of a lughya watchman leaving a double life with many clandestine wives ).I must say that this program is intriguing and the plot catching.Keeps you glued on the screen.The other popular comedy is Inspector Mwala,featuring the famed Vitimbi on screen character Mwala!Who in certain episodes takes the jokes too far but still the sitcom achieves a fair rating.

On sundays Kenyans relax to popular tunes of Africa,afro fusion etc !the real Music!likes of Manu Dibango, Seif Keita, Lucky Dube, Achieng Abura,Ladysmith Blackmambazo... etc This on the program Afro Dizzia.Hosted by non other than the local Kenyan Celebrity Kaz(Kora Award Nominee for most promising female artist).I find her hosting quite tasteful and professional(thumbs down for all that hullabaloo,gossip rumors on the web, dont believe and i aint going searching..but if tis true....*#***!).I invite kenyans to celebrate the innovativeness that is being mirrored through local content especially in the acting arena!While recognition of local music artistes has come of age little can be said of the performing arts,film industry and acting fraternity! We need to recognize the beauty and preciousness of local content otherwise gifted artistes loose the zeal.

Kudos to all who continue to entertain us from within the local fraternity

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