04 December, 2007

Electoral Violence Reaches A Notch Higher!

Tis sad to see a flare of violence with women especially being the target.It is indeed regretable to see politically instigated ,ethnic oriented violence continue to rock the country(Kuresoi,Mount Elgon..etc) especially when the election is hardly a month a way.It was hoped that some thinks would be left in the past but it seems the trend still continues with "fuata nyayo "and the new Kazi euphemism.There simply must be a stop to certain things such as clashes and coruption! It is especially sad to see that politicians caught transporting arms intended for violence get released after a white washing stint of questioning!

When will man stop dominating man to his own injury!We sincerely condole the family of the late Alice Onduto a lugari politician brutally murdered on Saturday by uknown assailants.
Violence begets violence and the innocent women,children ...etc suffer.Lets sincerely stand up against any sort of violence especially against women and may the Kenya Police prove their commitment to protect and serve without favour or bias!

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