17 November, 2007

Flavoured Straws Hits The Market

Couldnt help but post on this exciting product courtesy of strawtech that has just cropped up in the domestic market-granule packed flavoured straws!

Do your kids hate drinking healthy milk!do they frequently need much persuasion inorder to drink their milk,Then straw tech has just come up with an inovation that will leave them going gaga-flavoured straws!I must say that is ingenuous !Think of it ,the straws come in different flavours from strawberry,to banana,chocalate ...etc all made from natural ingredients.The straws are packed with granules and when one drinks normal healthy milk it is instantly flavoured. The sugar content in the straws is negligible hence the straws are diabetic friendly.And as a parent you need not fear your childrens teeth getting messed up as the straws delinver the milk to the back of the mouth .Truly bespoke dental compliant!When it comes to the environment,the straws are made from recyclable material hence the environmentally conscious need not fear.

The innovation is credited with an australian baby boomer and will be produced in Kenya by strawtech Limited ,the patent holder in conjunction with HACO Industries.The local director of Strawtech Mr Andrew Robson was quite enthusiastic in a radio interview this morning about the product launch and promises that the product will soon venture into the East African market.For now i cant wait but get my son and nephews their flavoured straws from the local hypermarket!

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