16 November, 2007

Dick Morris Strokes A Political Furore!

Top American political author,campaign strategist and newspaper columnist recently stroke a political furore in Africa by joining the Kenyan Presidential Aspirant Raila Odinga's election campaign team.His entry into the Kenyan political arena heightened the stakes and gave a new angle /twist to the scramble for the Presidency.

The incumbent President His Excellency the President Hon.Mwai Kibaki did not fail to mention at a rally in Nyayo Stadium shortly after Presenting his nomination papers to the Electoral Commision of Kenya that Mr Dick Morris had been misguided by the opposition and that he would be of no consequence in the elections scheduled for December 27, 2007!

The Government spokesman Mr Alfred Mutua yesterday mentioned that Mr Dick Morris risked facing deportation as he had visited the country on a tourist visa and had no valid work permit as a political stategist.It is however alleged that Dick may have jetted out of the country way before the Governments announcement of the impending deportation.That by itself was an admission that his presence and entry in the political scenery was unwanted and unappreciated by the ruling elite.

Mr Dick Morris is a former Clinton stategist but now turned harsh critisist after a fall out with the former US president .His life is dogged with scandals including an alleged affair with prostitute Sherry Rowlands which resulted in his resignation from the Clinton campaign on August 29th 1996.A further scandal errupted recently when Dick was listed by the Connecticut Department of Revenue Services as the 7th largest delinquent tax payer.It is hopped that this background will not dint the Rails Odinga Presidential campaign but as has been seen in the political atmosphere prevailing in Nairobi.Chances are that the ruling PNU party will definately capitalise on this misdeeds.However Dick has an impressive foreign polical campaign portfolio having offered services in the U.K, Ukraine, Mexico ....etc.His vast experience may easily help him waddle against the avalanche of critisiscm headed his way.

Much lefts to be seen whether the other Presidential Aspirants will higher foreign consultants in this tight paced presidential race which is too close to call!

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