05 October, 2007

The Switch from Analog to Digital Tv!

Kenya is poised to change tv signal transmission from digital to analog .This is according to Kenya Minister for Information Hon.Mutahi Kagwe

While this is a ready welcome technological advancement, pertinent issues rise up!For one the National Environmental Management Authority(NEMA) should raise a red flag.This development will render redundant the hundred of thousands TV sets in the market.Atleast a majority of the households in Kenya own an analog TV,in the abscence of a set disposal mechanism or exchange criteria we shall have mountains of hazardous material in the form of unwanted tv's and this will definately have a negative impact on the environment.

So before we take the switch let us look at all logical consequencies and how to manage the adverse effects!Fellow brethren let us continue to environmentally conscious.ITS OUR WORLD AND THE ONLY ONE WE'VE GOT!LETS TAKE CARE OF IT!

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