01 October, 2007

Nakumatt Westgate!

Kudos to the retail giants Nakumatt Holdings Ltd for setting up the 24 hrs-7 days a week multi million shillings store Nakumatt Westgate at westlands(A first of its kind in East Africa).The most attractive feature of the new convenience store is that it is virtually operational 24 hours a day making it convenient for its shoppers.300x100

Other industries should follow suit especially those in the service sector.The 21st Century simply has no space for sleeping dogs to lie.However the retail group is sleeping with regards to its website.It is hardly updated, visually un-appealing and does not offer the convenience of purchasing goods online.The internet has become such a powerful medium for e-commerce and many superstores have virtually gone online.Nakumatt has to follow suit in order to maintain a leading edge in the industry both locally and internationally.

Mr Thiagarajan Ramamurthy, the operations director of Nakumatt alongside with your marketing counterpart,take heed and diversify at the same time go regional in order to maintain and enhance your competitiveness as a superstore!

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