24 October, 2007

Keep Nairobi Clean !

Nairobi is a beautiful city!a wonderful place to live in .To maintain its beauty its every nairobians civic duty to ensure it stays that way!

Every morning thousands of commuters travel to the city centre using public transportation.After paying the requisite fare they are normally issued with receipts.For the past one week or so i have been quite observant of the commuters after they alight from the buses.Interestingly most commuters after alighting do not hesitate to throw away their receipts haphazardly on the pavements,bus seats,road etc without any hesitation or their conscience bugging them.That kind of behaviour simply has to stop.

By necessity it is incumbent upon all Nairobians to ensure that the city stays clean.That is not the preserve of the City Council,its askaris or National Environmental Management Authority (NEMA)officials.

I have heard the priveledge of visiting several european cities and the level of cleanliness was astounding.In essence i am not saying that the europeans are beter than us but their citizenry evoke a high level of environmental consciousness.It is shameful and even absurd for a normal citizen in those countries to damp a sweet wrapper,receipt,garbage... etc haphazardly!And they maintain this high standard of cleanliness notwithstanding the presence or absense of securlar authorities.I believe the same sense of civic responsibility is within our reach!

There are many trash cans within the city centre so let us make use of them.Failure to do so indicates arrogance,dirtyness,lack of civility... etc.And at the end of the day we end up blaming the city council for not performing their duties while we have failed on our own.Nairobians next time you use a City Hoppa,KBS or Double M ,please ensure you dump the receipt in a trash can or pocket it.It is good manners !As for the transport companies please provide more trash bins at your passenger points with apolite notice for your customers to use the same.The receipts may be recycled at lesser cost to your benefit.

At the same time i call upon corporate sponsors to engage in a massive public education and sensitization programme against this vice after all this is part of Uraia mwema(good civic duty)!

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