18 October, 2007

Buru Buru Matatus-Madness or Menace!

Life in Nairobi is Interesting but it gets more interesting or rather annoying when you venture into its traffic system! Matatu is the swahili word for the Mini-vans (14-32 seater mini vans and buses) which are the predominant public mode of transportation.

The drivers of the matatus often contravene laid down traffic laws,rules and regulations sometimes with abject impunity as is the case of Buru Buru Matatus!While the 'Michuki (former Minister for transport) rules' stipulate that all public transportation vehicles shold be of one colour and have a painted yellow strip(ribbon) around them.Buru Buru matatu's dont have this.
Further they are the only matatus in the city that overload and carry excess passengers who have to stand(shame on the passengers-you are the ones taking Kenya backwards).They often drive on the kerb when there is traffic exhibiting gross impatience and break haphazardly!

Most of the matatus have tinted windows ,often play loud distorted music and usually have more than one turnboy (makanga!)usually around four.This is absurdness and has immensely contributed to pick pocketing!carjackings,sexual harassment etc.Sincerely are this matatus being owned by the policemen and is this a classic case of corruption that continues to steer this country down a road to apathy and self destruction? if not are all the traffic policemen on Jogoo Road and City center lacking the capacity to see or are they simply grossly lethargic?

Through this blog i raise my voice against the culture of impunity that continues to be displayed by certain members of the matatu fraternity and further strongly advocate the enforcement of measures that guarantee public safety!As for Double M transport Company Kudos, we hail you for being the choice customer friendly passenger service!

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  1. I agree! and Double M rocks! traveling the roads in nairobi is an adventure in itself! keep letting your voice be heard! what are your thoughts on the upcoming election? i came across this on youtube




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