01 July, 2011

Corruption at Ardhi House/Ministry Of Lands

Nothing justifies the delaying in endorsing a Change of User on a Title for 10 years! Yet that has been the case that i have personally witnessed while trying to process a change of User for a prime plot in parklands from residential into commercial(i mean this is a process that potential investors would want done in the list bit of time in order to initiate development on a piece of land yet at the lands office it seems to be a favor ) .The actual process after City Council approvals began in 2001. I joined my present employer in 2005 and since then i have been pushing for the endorsement of change of user and trust me the file has been dissapearing and re-appearing several times.I have actually placed one clerk to the issue, compelled our advocate's firm to formally complain on several occasions but yet there has been no headway!

This is just but one example of what thousands of Kenyans are going through on a daily basis due to an inept and corrupt department at the lands office.The problem is that sufficient attention is not being placed to this vice at the Lands Registry. Anti Corruption sleuths visit the lands registry infrequently often when a "higher power's" work has been hindered then dissappear with little or no effect to the corruption cartels.

I heard the Permanent Secretary in the lands ministry speak of the efforts they are putting in place to stem the malignant and systemic corruption at the lands office but i believe these efforts are lacklustre and simply lilliputian. I mean what can be more effective than sending some of this inept staff home-the records bear witness where some of this work stalls. Searches take months if not years in certain instances.It is very possible to trace who is not working at the lands office. In fact a trip there in the rescent past confirmed that there are Civil servants who come in the morning ,leave their coats on the chair and vamoose to their private concerns.This is especially so in the customer care counter and the banking hall, leaving you to wonder why is it there in the first place.

My take is that Kenya's Netizens should take up the challenge to fight corruption by highlighting incidences and events whereby public officials have simply been lacksaidical in performing their duties or outrightly solicited for bribes.We must not leave the status quo to prevail or aid and abet the practice of corruption.We have clearly seen how Social Media has been used to effect Social Change in Africa therefore stand up against corruption.Mulika those errant officials who do not want to change with the times.

If you are on twitter and believe that you will no longer stomach corruption at the lands ministry please use the handle #CorruptionArdhiHse to voice and aggregate your concern(please re tweet, Facebook... etc ensure you create a buzz ).We must simply not allow this to continue un abated.It is for your greater good that if you read this you do something about it.Do not underestimate the social media front.Engage your legislator online about this.Its not just business as usual.

Kenya Anti Corruption Authority & Social Media:
Thumbs down to Kenya Anti Corruption Commission- in this day and age you dont have a Social Media contact i.e Facebook, Twitter ...etc nor are your top officials available on these mediums whereas the majority of Kenyans are using these platforms to share their concerns.Where is the E-Governance strategy and policy headed......shame on you.

KACC PLO Lumumba follow the Chief Justice 's Willy Mutunga's lead and get a Twitter Address! 

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