01 July, 2011

Cisco Expo Kenya 2011-Review

The Cisco Africa event dubbed "Collaboration and Virtualization Beyond Borders" held at the Kenyatta International Conference Centre in Nairobi was a huge success with soaring attendance levels.
 Speaker after speaker demonstrated  their in-depth knowledge and expertise especially in relation to Cisco products as the Worlds leading networking solutions provider.

Some of the facts that were revealed that i found  particularly impressive is that  many gadgets being used by us in everyday work are increasingly  getting networked through ubiquitous Internet protocols.It is expected that in the next three years there will be 50 billion devices with each person on earth having an average of 7 devices.At current there are 35 billion devices in the market.It was also stated that by 2015 there will be over 265 Million Mobile Broadband subscriptions in Africa.With the increased submarine fibre optic connection ,connectivity will be optimum for use of such devices driving opportunities in the vertical market.

Dan Smoot Vice President Cisco Capital – Worldwide Sales indicated that an audit of the various IP 's in his household revealed around 70.That i presume may be just a typical household out there in the USA making use of I-Pads, I -Phones, Digital Tv's ,Cars ...etcs each having ubiquitous IP addresses.

The World is ecoming increasingly networked and seeing that Cisco shipped many of its experts from various Countries to Kenya for this event and to expound on this trends in networking perhaps reveals the potential that Africa has in emerging opportunities being created by ICT.This is especially so seeing that use of Internet enabled handsets and devices has increased wholesomely within the continent in the recent past and projections are that the curve will remain exponential.

Fadi Salloum With Blogger Martin Gicheru of TechWeez

Attending the conference gave me the opportunity to meet the man who was behind the Social Media
marketing of the event Mr Fadi Salloum -The  Cisco Digital Marketing Program Manager Africa Levant-resident in Beirut. I must say he did a good job and actively engaged Kenya's social media Icons, bloggers...etc to create an online buzz on the event. Fadi deserves a pat on the back -GOOD JOB!What was particurlarly impressive is that he actually did not use a PR firm as such but just using the net he was able to pick the right influencers to pitch on the event.

Tweeps on Twitter covered the event live with photos, blog posts,Facebook Page  twitter updates under the tag #CE11KE which were being beamed on several large screen TV's

The live holographic telepresence demo was a highlight of the event- indeed video calls and virtual meetings are the in things in ICT presently and bound to catch up in emerging economies.By all means the event was truly engaging and enlightening, for further information you can read the timeline @CiscoAfrica

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