15 July, 2011

Amnesty TV Channel On YouTube

Human Rights enthusiast and like minded persons will be pleased to know that Amnesty online has launched Amnesty TV a video magazine show that mixes satirical comedy, campaign stunts, short documentaries, outspoken opinion and real news on YouTube. The show will be produced on fortnightly basis with a 15 minutes programmes.
Amnesty TV at url  http://www.youtube.com/amnestytv is being launched today with  the first of the fortnightly 15 minute programmes being aired.The first program will feature the human rights stories of the day, using big names, mischief and satire. This week, there will be some recreations of the horrendously violent techniques sactioned for security guards to use in removals, a message from Aung San Suu Kyi, a segment on freedom of information from Wikipedia cofounder Jimmy Wales, and an attempt to persuade the ambassadors from countries such as Saudi Arabia, China and North Korea to sign Amnesty Internationals 50th birthday card.

Quite some interesting development , i must say!

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