29 July, 2011



Call for Film Entries to Close in Two Weeks

Nairobi July 28, 2011: Filmmakers who want to participate in this year’s Kenya International Film Festival have now up to August 14 to submit their entries. The festival, set for October 21 to October 31 has so far received 250 entries.

The Kenya International Film Festivals commonly known as KIFF is inviting film makers to send in their films for various categories such as Long Features, Documentaries, Short Features, Animation, Student Films and Experimental Films to be featured at this year’s event.

The KIFF will award winners in all the categories as well as Best East Africa film, Jury Award, Best actor and Best actress. The organization is holding its sixth annual festival since its inception. The festival is a unique array of 10 days that showcases best film entries from all over the world in various towns and countries.

In 2010 the film festivals saw 5 out of the 10 awards go to Kenyan films. They included Gill Wilsons ‘Why Now’, Jeff Mohamed’s ‘One Goal, One Hope’ and Best East African Film went to Hawa Essuman’s ‘Soul Boy’. Other awards went to film makers from Ethiopia and Belgium.

The year’s theme is ‘Leadership – Next Generation’.

According to the Festival director Mr. Charles Asiba the theme was developed in line with Africa’s mood, the changes in the continent and its need for good and accountable leadership.

“Do you know for example, all four presidents in Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi and Kenya are facing an election in the next 12 months? These are challenging times for many African countries and we want to give African’s an opportunity to tell the world and to express what their thoughts on leadership are”, said Mr. Asiba while speaking during an interview.

This year the Film Festivals screenings will be held simultaneously in various towns including Nairobi, Nakuru, Kisumu, Mombasa, and Eldoret. Mr. Asiba expressed his satisfaction in the growth of Kenyan film sector saying that there will be many Kenya films to be aired during the festival week.

Mr Asiba said “We are so far impressed by the levels of professionalism and record number of 250 entries that have come in so far. Our target was 365 films but we are not complaining”.

Filmmakers are encouraged to send their DVDs and cassettes to the KIFF either by registered mail or drop them at KIFF offices.

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