15 April, 2010

African Art,Jewellery & Clothing

Without doubt the African continent is rich in art,Jewelery, Fashion,bead work,figurines, Masks, medieval currency,notes,coins,artifacts, ornamental wears ...etc.The list is quite inexhaustible yet few of this items are finding exposure online.Speaking of Kenya its only recently that i critiqued our fashion industry for a lacklustre presence online(see the post).Today i decided to do a Google search on African Art, Jewelery and Clothing.However the results from the various websites were not pleasing, consequently i am off on a venture to create an African Fashion website where one can shop confidently online.So far most of the sites  are selling African items listed on Amazon, there are no shopping carts nor options to purchase via credit cards.

I found one site to be pretty impressive and authoritative.The site is Africa and More.Com .The site has a wonderful array of indigenous African Masks, Statues,Weapons, Iron and Bronze works,textiles, Jewelery and bead work. I  highly recommend it.

There is a lot of potential for African Art and artists online.Website owners should invest in robust web templates and shopping platforms. In this post i highlight some African Artifacts that can  be bought online, including Kente Shirts, African Drums ,Oil Paintings...etc all this from Afriboutik webstore....

African Bracelet: BVB   

African Dress Shirt (GH) African Dress Shirt (GH)

African Oil painting: African Sait (40 x 20)

African Kente Hat

African Lady Kente Suit

African Dashiki (DS4)

African Man Shirt (TRD)

African Man Traditional Suit (1)

African Mask: Bongo Guy

African Mask: Donkor Ahofefe

African Mask: Sika Baa

African Necklace: Designer (1)

African Necklace: Designer (10)

African Mother Drum

African Men Shirt (GHN)


  1. I had never really thought of the lack of websites for selling items produced in Africa. Thanks for making us aware of that.

  2. Im Visitor , please come back , okay thanks...

  3. What beautiful clothing! I'll check out the Africa and more website.

  4. Thank you for sharing. Will definitely check it out. Love your blog!



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