11 February, 2010

Fashion Blogs-Kenya ?

Surprisingly Kenyans lack ideas on what to blog about whereas there is so much potential in the various spheres of life. Today i Googled Three terms just in order to gauge what we may be blogging about i.e:
  1. Fashion Blogs Kenya
  2. Fashion Blogs Nigeria
  3. Fashion Blogs Africa
Of the three terms the results coming from Nigeria were impressive. Well for some time i have been acquainted with Bella Naija's fashion blog , so successful was her blogging that she now has a self hosted weblog.Nigeria has a couple of well published and well read fashion blogs, Googling the term yields several credible pages. Popular Nigerian fashion blogs include:
  1.  LadyBrille Nigeria ( the site comes complete with a magazine and glossy images)
  2. Niaja Gal   the site featurs fashion, entertainment and technology
  3. Aramide Blogspot( feauturing authentic west African Chitenge designs and the likes)

The same cannot really be said about Kenya.Perhaps the fashion guru's should take up on the online media and blogging. Without doubt many people read blogs and social media is selling more fashion  than any other media in the developed world.Its time we joined the bandwagon.

The closest i came to a fashion blog with credentials resembling a Kenyan site was a word-press themed blog named KenyaStyle  which apparently was not even being written by a Kenyan and has nothing to do with Kenya.I am yet to see an impressive Kenyan fashion website/blog  with a Women’s Clothing Catalogue such as on  the displayed link.This especially so for the plus size women.Perhaps that's something Kenya's aspiring  fashion bloggers should look up to.But for now our fashion industry's presence on the World Wide Web is scanty,hardly felt and desperately needs to develop.


  1. Your reference to Kenyastyle is not correct. Please visit kenyastyle today.

  2. @Kenya sentiments noted, post amended thanks,you now have visually appealing photos, keep it that way and you will get traffic in plenty.All the best in your blogging.

  3. I was introduced to the world of blogging by a brief visit to one of the mentioned Nigerian fashion blogs. They provide a lovely retreat from the stress of the day. Hoping to eventually read about kenyan bloggers providing a similar respite.

    How are things?

  4. We need more Kenyan web content. The other day, I was trying to google Mr. Chris Kirubi as famous as he is, nothing much about him came up!

  5. You can add http://www.stylemenaija.com to that list.

  6. I have a fashion blog...its new though http://www.fashionablenotebook.blogspot.com

  7. was just about to recommend nancy's blog but is see she already did that. you're right about naija people .they ahead but east Africa is catching up. visit by mine n follow if you like. http://mbabaziannet.blogspot.com/

  8. i have a fashion blog....
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