05 February, 2010

WebHosting to Become Cheap in Kenya

Reading yesterdays Business News on how Kenyan Authorities are bent on forcing the internet service providers to reduce their charges and make increased bandwidth affordable for many, certain made many of us hopeful.I have friend's who are running their own home businesses, selling items and garments that i feel should be marketed online but in sub Sahara internet access and domain hosting (i.e hosting of websites) is beyond the reach of many individuals.Furthermore, many people lack basic knowledge on web hosting. Well i have found the site web hosting geeks featuring webhosting review to be quite informative.

More and more Kenyans and by extension Africans need to join the World Wide Web wagon to market themselves, their produce, ideas...items etc.This can only be possible if affordable bandwidth and hosting opportunities are created in order to make Africa competitive in Electronic Commerce.E-Commerce is not complex as some may tend to think, one needs to be interested and well informed in order to make use of it. With reduced prices and Government intervention in the curtailing of oligopolistic practices by the major internet service providers ,perhaps many more shall take up on e-commerce. Yes you too can have your own website!


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  3. Wow its very interesting to know that now a days its going very popular, thanks for this nice post.

  4. Many Kenyans need to realize that getting a custom professional digital home is better that free services like blogger and WordPress. Getting custom emails is also a must.



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