15 February, 2010

IRB Rugby Sevens -Las Vegas 2010( Kenya's Results)

Kenya bowed out gracefully after loosing to New Zealand in a score of 21-7 in the IRB Rugby  Sevens World series 2010 tournament semi finals played at  Sam Boyd Stadium USA ,Las Vegas.This is indeed without doubt an impressive performance by the national team Shujaa warriors. Kenya had vanquished England in the Quarter finals 26-21 points indicating that they are a feat to reckon with.What is perhaps impressive is that over 1,500 Kenyan supporters graced Las Vegas to support their team in the USA some actually flew from Kenya (the likes of Maina Kageni...) and the international  media got wind of it and were actually impressed.

The final results of the Las Vegas IRB series 201 which saw Samoa clinching the title and emerging winner in a score of 33-12 over New Zealand's Sevens Rugby team are indicated in the IRB website fixtures and results page.Kudos to the Shujaa team ....

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