19 February, 2010

Esther Arunga Holds Out Her Own

Popular Television Anchor Esther Arunga formerly of Kenya Television Network yesterday held a press conference together with Music Maestro Joseph Hellon to counter accusations that she was holding herself in seclusion after allegedly joining a sect dubbed "Finger of God Church " headed by the said Mr Hellon. Mrs Arunga an advocate of the High Court of Kenya was visibly angered and promised to sue members of the 4th Estate for allegedly peddling rumors. Though formerly a Prime Time news anchor she has ended up being a Prime Time News item in all the mainstream media.

However her indifference as meted out on her former colleagues indicates that she too has so soon lost touch with reality in that threats of Civil suits has never deterred Journalists from pursuing stories that have much public interest.Being in the public domain is much costly and yes Miss  Esther Arunga  even a break up or a postponed wedding to Wilson Malaba is "juicy news" for the local paparazzi.The press conference will just fan the rumor mills to double speed. It is foolhardy to hold a press conference and latch out at the same merchants of information to peddle her side of the issue.

Her recent actions have left many including her family wondering whether she has come under "undue albeit sinister" influence ,thus the issue of the Church of Finger of God being dubbed "a cult".However on a preliminary it is not possible to conclude that the said church is a cult since no comprehensive investigations have been done at the same time mainstream religion which by themselves follow human edicts and leadership with almost fanatic zeal often dub emerging religions as cult. This often is an under belly tactic and does not hold.The blogosphere is now on to the story!

ESTHER ARUNGA UPDATE 2011....the internet site IzVipi   is carrying a story that Esther Arunga and his Husband Timberlake have openly declared their parting ways with Jazz maestro Joseph Hellon"Finger of God Church".The truthfulness of this revelations however has not yet been officially confirmed,hence the saga continues...!


  1. now that was objective...

  2. All religion is fraud, intended to control the masses. The only difference between cults, sects and denominations is the degree of popular acceptance. (Christianity, for instance, was a Judaism sect going nowhere fast until Paul of Tarsus re-invented it).

    PS: Interesting that this site displays adverts of Scientology, a cult of greed that does not even pretend to be a religion.

  3. @Propaganda point noted ,my ads are serviced by Google but im lodging a complaint

  4. British study claims atheists (and agnostics, I suppose) have higher IQs that religious people. No surprises there.



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