31 October, 2009

Kelele African Bloggers Conference 2009 Postponed

When i first heard of Kelele: An annual African Bloggers conference i was very excited, optimistic and pessimistic in the same vein.Why? For one ,i was pleased that such a noble initiative that would result in the promotion of African Content by African Bloggers and lead to better communication,co-operation and networking of African Bloggers was being launched. On the other hand, i was certain that the initiative would hardly be a success if local corporates i.e. African Companies,NGO' s and Governments did not step in to fund the initiative.True to it, there was not sufficient local donors and the organizers were depending on international sponsors who due to the Global Economic crunch are cash strained to support ' non- fundamental/essential ' projects at the moment. So for the second time the KELELE AFRICAN BLOGGERS CONFERENCE had to be postponed.

The regret at the site partly reads:
"The inaugural African Bloggers Conference dubbed ‘Kelele’ (Swahili for Noise) has been postponed to mid 2010....we would like to apologize for this the 2nd postponement of the African Bloggers Conference—KELELE—which was due to take place from 29th October to 1st November 2009 in Nairobi, Kenya. There are two main reasons that have made this postponement necessary.

Firstly, the African Bloggers Conference is an initiative of several African bloggers and as the organizers, we required significant financial support to underwrite the event. Although many sponsors had initially expressed interest in being a part of this great undertaking, due to the prevailing global economic climate they did not come through as we had anticipated.
Secondly, it has been challenging to secure a truly pan African programme for the conference in the time we had available. .. If we had held the conference in the next two weeks it would have been an East African bloggers conference which we felt would betray our key aims.

To this end we took the difficult decision over the weekend to postpone Kelele again to the new year to give us sufficient time to secure all the necessary partnerships and resources while at the same time increasing the level of participation from across the continent".

That news definately has disheartened many bloggers in the continent but in the same vein encouraged them to more actively engage the community around them to see the importance of supporting such initiatives that can result in much good for the African Blogosphere.

28 October, 2009

PeopleStrings Social Website Review

With each passing day new websites are being created and new websites are being discovered.A fellow blogger referred me to this new Social-media website that is set to rival Myspace.Com and Facebook.Com: Peoplestring.com .What perhaps will make this site marketable and like-able is that the owners are willing to share revenue from advertisements on a 70:30 ratio basis.Furthermore users earn when they check their email,refer new users, chat with others, and surf the net.

You can just imagine what would happen if sites such as Myspace or Facebook shared their revenue with subscribers...many people would be immensely rich.I believe the concept is worth a try.Without doubt PeopleString.com website is set to revolutionize the online social network industry.

The free membership subscription package has the following benefits:
* Email with 2 GB storage
* Self-destructing email (you can delete emails even after you've already sent them)
* Send video emails
* Web IM: AOL, Yahoo, GoogleTalk & MSN
* Cash back shopping
* Share in all revenue
* Get paid once a month

Whereas the paid subscription Entrepreneur package consists of  the following benefits:
* Email with unlimited storage
* Business domain with 20 email accounts
* Unlimited video email
* Universal email tracking
* Web hosting for 5 URLS
*Payment fortnightly.
* Bonus commissions, revenue shares, and leads.

For more details on the service you can visit the PeopleString Website.

22 October, 2009

Nairobi Marathon (Standard Chartered) 2009 -Running Tips

The stage is all set for one of the greatest annual races on Earth: the Standard Chartered Nairobi Marathon 2009 set to take place on 25 October, 2009 .Today happens to be the last day to register to participate.The Nairobi Marathon race now in its seventh year began in 2003 and has proved to be the launching pad for an international career for many local athletes .The race has quickly taken its place as one of the Worlds favorite marathon race due to Kenya's reputation as a leading athletic sports nation especially in the long distance races. The race attracts many international sports personalities and is particularly grueling at an altitude of 5,000 feet above sea level .

What perhaps makes this race great is that the money raised from the marathon is always used or philanthropic and charitable purposes including aiding the under privileged in society  in need of eye care that is in-affordable or inaccessible to them.  For more information on the Nairobi marathon please visit the website at  www.nairobimarathon.com.

Marathon Running Tips:
For effective marathon tips on how to run effectively  i recommend the following websites:
  1. Runners world: This is for newbie tips especially if this is your first marathon to run.
  2. Foothealthcare.com: The site contains top 10 tips for running your best marathon.
  3. Running. about.com: Another leading resource on running featuring tips on half marathon, first marathon, training schedules, distance running etc
Of course the tips recommended by the above sites must also be coupled with expert advice from your physician or personal trainer to prevent fatalities or complications that accrue due to strenuous exercise.If you are a participant all the best .

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21 October, 2009

Webhosting Geeks Website Review

Web hosting Geeks.Com is another useful web hosting review portal that assists internet entrepreneurs and marketers determine which web hosting solutions or sites to utilize when hosting their sites online!The site ranks the best web site hosting  providers out there and ensures that the list is constantly updated.

One can browse the different web hosting sites according to their charges and reputation. If you are thinking of a new web host.it would be prudent to do a background check on  the service providers credentials and reviews at webhostinggeeks.com .This will enable you make an informed decision to your own advantage.The site also contains a blog section that deals with various other issues with respect to website hosting and service providers with readers providing comments and opinions on the various issues. It is a site worth a visit!

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15 October, 2009

"Sexting" Gaining Popularity Among Kenyan Youths !

It is now readily in the public domain that young boys and girls/teenagers are engaging in sex at an early age than traditionally was. Worse is that most are engaging in unprotected casual sex with multiple partners .This has been the subject of media commentaries this week with talks of supplying Kids with condoms in Kenyan schools being fronted by so called"experts"  as a necessary precaution. That issue in itself is a moral minefield with divergent views. However unknown to many parents a new culture is slowly driving the youths to this 'uncanny' behavior and inordinate interest in sex;" sexting !".

Sexting has been defined as "the act of sending sexually explicit messages[content] or photos electronically, primarily between cell/mobile phones" according to Wikipedia..Sexting or Sex texting involves sending or receiving text messages with sexual content often in the form of nude photos, stripping of clothes,sex videos etc.Sexting has become increasingly popular in the West where it is believed that atleast  one in every five youths has engaged in the habit.The age group particularly affected being from age 11 to 24 years. It is viewed as normal albeit cool to send nude photos to ones girlfriend or boyfriend as a sign of affection.The results can be extremely disastrous as was exhibited in the case of 18 year old American High School student Jessica Logan who committed suicide after her "sextexts" were posted on the internet(see the News item) probably by a jilted lover or jealous friend. Unfortunately most parents are unaware of this development and insist on buying the latest phone models with immense capabilities only to discover that technology wrongly used is corroding societal values with disastrous effects.In any case it is death dealing. Certain States in the USA, Canada and Australia have enacted legislation to curb the practice.

In Kenya sexting is rife , a casual talk with one youth indeed revealed that primary school students as low as in standard four(nine year old's) were frequenting pornographic sites and exchanging sexually explicit photos over their mobile phones. It is not doubt that the intimacy behind sex has been reduced to casual physical affair. Sexting is habit that needs drastic action to be curbed. As for parents make sure you know what your child is up to and discuss this issues openly lest yours becomes the next fatal victim of sexual predators.

14 October, 2009

MTV Mama Awards 2009 Winners !

This blog has received a number of hits from people desiring to know the outcome of the African MTV  2009 Music Awards  and seeing that my earlier post has received good rankings on Google i do not want to disappoint my fans .The MTV 2009 MAMA Awards winners and nominees as announced on Saturday 10 October 2009 at the Moi International Sports Center by category are:

Best Male

2 Face (Nigeria)
Nameless(Kenya)        Winner
HHP (South Africa)
Da L.E.S (South Africa)

Best New Act

M.I (Nigeria)   Winner

A.Y (Tanzania)
STL (Kenya)
Bigiano (Nigeria)
Rhythmic Elements (South Africa)

Best Hip Hop

M.I (Nigeria)      Winner

A.Y (Tanzania)
Zulu Boy (South Africa)
Jay-Z (USA)
Kanye West (USA)

Best Female

Kel (Nigeria)
Amani (Kenya) :    Winner
Lira (South Africa)
Zamajobe (South Africa)
Lizha James (Mozambique)

Best Performer

P-Square (Nigeria)
D'Banj (Nigeria)
Samini (Ghana)     Winner

Nameless (Kenya)

Best RnB

2 Face (Nigeria)    Winner

Darey Art Alade (Nigeria)
Loyiso (South Africa)
Beyonce (USA)
Akon (USA)

Best Group

P-Square (Nigeria)  Winner

Gang of Instrumentals (South Africa)
Mo Hits Allstars (Nigeria)
Gal Level (Namibia)

Artist of the year

2 Face (Nigeria)
Dbanj (Nigeria)    Winner

Lira (South Africa)
HHP (South Africa)

Best Alternative

Green Day(USA)
Cassette(South Africa)
Zebra&Giraffe(South Africa)    Winner

Aking(South Africa)

Best Video

2Face-Enter The Place (Nigeria)
XOD-I Want You Back (Uganda)
HHP-Mpitse (South Africa)      Winner

Da L.E.S-We on Fire (South Africa)
Wahu Feat Bobi Wine-Little Things You Do (Kenya)

Legend Award

Lucky Dube(South Africa)   Winner 

My Video Award

Patricke-Stevie Moungondo (Congo Brazzaville)  Winner

Listeners Choice Award

Nameless (Kenya)      Winner 

Heres a Flickr slideshow stream for MAMA Awards Photos(Courtesy of MTV)  


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07 October, 2009


The internet continues to morph each day as it comes; NOTEHALL.COM is an internet site where college student classmates can exchange and or trade lecture notes.The site aims to be the ultimate student resource information retrieval portal while at the same time enabling college students to get paid for lecture notes that they have uploaded online. While the idea is ingenuous ,the likelihood that the site will encourage laziness, class abstention, cheating etc is quite high.

The site has currently been in use at the University of Arizona, Arizona State, and University of Kansas since August 2009 and has over 13,000 active users and over 5,500 documents available for sale. Many students have been able to make money on the site selling their lecture notes and study guides indicating its popularity amongst the youth.


The site also intends to encourage student interaction thereby making the internet an academic friendly portal.However such interaction if not effectively monitored may just yield the opposite results especially seeing the frailty and inexperience of the young students who are the target market.Without doubt NOTEHALL.COM will revolutionize the way students make use of the internet. I know for a fact that many of my colleagues during campus often surfed the internet in order to get free class notes on various subjects often with little relevant results.Hence the idea may just work.The question however that remains .is the venture academically ethical? This being a matter of personal principle may just receive varied reactions.

The site was founded by Sean Conway & Justin Miller .The two were recently featured in ABC budding entrepreneurs show SHARK TANK on 6th October, 2009.(For the clip click on the LINK)

02 October, 2009

Green Card Lottery Application Period 2009

The USA immigrant Visa Green Card Lottery(DV-2011) Application Period for year 2009 officially begins today noon 2 October, 2009 at 12.00 p.m, Eastern Daylight Time(EDT) Greenwich Meridian Time(GMT-4) and will run until 30 November, 2009. The online Green card application form ,digital photo a specifications nd application process instructions are available at the following website: http://www.travel.state.gov/pdf/DV-2011instructions.pdf ,Please note that ,this is the link for the official USA government website .The application process is free ,costs totally nothing so dont spend a dime applying with all those third party websites claiming to be official Government Agencies.This is if you know how to read and follow instructions ,otherwise the agencies can do that for you at a cost and that wont guarantee you that you will win the Green Card Diversity Visa Lottery .

The Green Card Lottery Application website is : http://www.dvlottery.state.gov/ the website will be live from the fore-mentioned time, today noon.

This information is shared free of charge at no cost.
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