28 October, 2009

PeopleStrings Social Website Review

With each passing day new websites are being created and new websites are being discovered.A fellow blogger referred me to this new Social-media website that is set to rival Myspace.Com and Facebook.Com: Peoplestring.com .What perhaps will make this site marketable and like-able is that the owners are willing to share revenue from advertisements on a 70:30 ratio basis.Furthermore users earn when they check their email,refer new users, chat with others, and surf the net.

You can just imagine what would happen if sites such as Myspace or Facebook shared their revenue with subscribers...many people would be immensely rich.I believe the concept is worth a try.Without doubt PeopleString.com website is set to revolutionize the online social network industry.

The free membership subscription package has the following benefits:
* Email with 2 GB storage
* Self-destructing email (you can delete emails even after you've already sent them)
* Send video emails
* Web IM: AOL, Yahoo, GoogleTalk & MSN
* Cash back shopping
* Share in all revenue
* Get paid once a month

Whereas the paid subscription Entrepreneur package consists of  the following benefits:
* Email with unlimited storage
* Business domain with 20 email accounts
* Unlimited video email
* Universal email tracking
* Web hosting for 5 URLS
*Payment fortnightly.
* Bonus commissions, revenue shares, and leads.

For more details on the service you can visit the PeopleString Website.


  1. Hi,
    I noticed it has been almost a year now since you wrote about peoplestrings.com but I just wanted to commend you on a great post! I also wanted to emphasis how valuable it really is to join peoplestring. Whether you join as a free member or enterprenuer, you are guaranteed to make some money for doing what you are already doing on the web! Yes, I wish Facebook, Google and Yahoo will reward its users for surfing the web! Peoplestring.com is ahead of it's pack!

  2. PeopleString is an amazing social site. If only Facebook was like this in the beginning, but it's not.

    So far PeopleString has been steadily going strong and only time can tell when they will become the next giant wave in the social media industry.



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