02 October, 2009

Green Card Lottery Application Period 2009

The USA immigrant Visa Green Card Lottery(DV-2011) Application Period for year 2009 officially begins today noon 2 October, 2009 at 12.00 p.m, Eastern Daylight Time(EDT) Greenwich Meridian Time(GMT-4) and will run until 30 November, 2009. The online Green card application form ,digital photo a specifications nd application process instructions are available at the following website: http://www.travel.state.gov/pdf/DV-2011instructions.pdf ,Please note that ,this is the link for the official USA government website .The application process is free ,costs totally nothing so dont spend a dime applying with all those third party websites claiming to be official Government Agencies.This is if you know how to read and follow instructions ,otherwise the agencies can do that for you at a cost and that wont guarantee you that you will win the Green Card Diversity Visa Lottery .

The Green Card Lottery Application website is : http://www.dvlottery.state.gov/ the website will be live from the fore-mentioned time, today noon.

This information is shared free of charge at no cost.
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  1. I did the photo for the Diversity Visa Lottery with the great free online service at http://www.eGreenCardPhoto.com (saving me the hassle of paying the hefty fee for the passport photos and then scanning them).

    Cross your fingers for me.

  2. Great! I am yet to check the eGreenCardPhoto.com site. Thanks for the posting. People who want to apply for Green Card can now apply it online. It is just a few clicks away now. Thanks for the information. I hope this is a genuine site with proper information.

    Lottery India

  3. Good luck Shelly! I see so many people who would like to enter the green card visa but can not, simply because their country sees too many of its citizens move to the United States. In my view this is pretty unfair and I hope this changes to at least allow SOME of these foreign nationals the chance to enter.

  4. We should not make any mistake while we apply for green card lottery, even a small mistake will make us rejected in participating in Lottery. Photograph also should be perfect according to the criteria.

  5. I have seen first hand how this lottery can help immigrants who would otherwise have had no chance, enter the country, receive a green card visa and enjoy life in the States. Say what you will about US immigration policy, the diversity visa is a brilliant piece of legislation!



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