07 October, 2009


The internet continues to morph each day as it comes; NOTEHALL.COM is an internet site where college student classmates can exchange and or trade lecture notes.The site aims to be the ultimate student resource information retrieval portal while at the same time enabling college students to get paid for lecture notes that they have uploaded online. While the idea is ingenuous ,the likelihood that the site will encourage laziness, class abstention, cheating etc is quite high.

The site has currently been in use at the University of Arizona, Arizona State, and University of Kansas since August 2009 and has over 13,000 active users and over 5,500 documents available for sale. Many students have been able to make money on the site selling their lecture notes and study guides indicating its popularity amongst the youth.


The site also intends to encourage student interaction thereby making the internet an academic friendly portal.However such interaction if not effectively monitored may just yield the opposite results especially seeing the frailty and inexperience of the young students who are the target market.Without doubt NOTEHALL.COM will revolutionize the way students make use of the internet. I know for a fact that many of my colleagues during campus often surfed the internet in order to get free class notes on various subjects often with little relevant results.Hence the idea may just work.The question however that remains .is the venture academically ethical? This being a matter of personal principle may just receive varied reactions.

The site was founded by Sean Conway & Justin Miller .The two were recently featured in ABC budding entrepreneurs show SHARK TANK on 6th October, 2009.(For the clip click on the LINK)


  1. I think it is an interesting issue- the ethics of note sharing for a profit. On the one hand, the student is distributing his own self-created material so it is no way plagiarism and he has the right to disseminate whatever he pleases. On the other hand, it's true that it may encourage laziness for those who are already prone to be so. However, on the flip side, it may encourage others to go to class more often and take more comprehensive notes. They may think to themselves "hey, if I just put an hour of effort into taking notes at this lecture, I could make some significant extra cash". Those go-getters are the ones who will end up making our world a better place in the end.

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  5. Interesting blog entry. I actually think Notehall is a great idea. Wish I woulda thought of it. I learn differently...for me, taking notes in class is actually in not helpful at all. I am more of an auditory learner meaning I need to listen (not write) in order to really take in the information the professor is saying. So, when I go to study for exams and need to review the material, I have no hard copy of class lectures. This is where Notehall has saved my life. I can find notes on the website that are cheap and detailed (because these students are getting paid for them). I feel like there should be more companies like this that take into consideration different styles of learning.



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