15 October, 2009

"Sexting" Gaining Popularity Among Kenyan Youths !

It is now readily in the public domain that young boys and girls/teenagers are engaging in sex at an early age than traditionally was. Worse is that most are engaging in unprotected casual sex with multiple partners .This has been the subject of media commentaries this week with talks of supplying Kids with condoms in Kenyan schools being fronted by so called"experts"  as a necessary precaution. That issue in itself is a moral minefield with divergent views. However unknown to many parents a new culture is slowly driving the youths to this 'uncanny' behavior and inordinate interest in sex;" sexting !".

Sexting has been defined as "the act of sending sexually explicit messages[content] or photos electronically, primarily between cell/mobile phones" according to Wikipedia..Sexting or Sex texting involves sending or receiving text messages with sexual content often in the form of nude photos, stripping of clothes,sex videos etc.Sexting has become increasingly popular in the West where it is believed that atleast  one in every five youths has engaged in the habit.The age group particularly affected being from age 11 to 24 years. It is viewed as normal albeit cool to send nude photos to ones girlfriend or boyfriend as a sign of affection.The results can be extremely disastrous as was exhibited in the case of 18 year old American High School student Jessica Logan who committed suicide after her "sextexts" were posted on the internet(see the News item) probably by a jilted lover or jealous friend. Unfortunately most parents are unaware of this development and insist on buying the latest phone models with immense capabilities only to discover that technology wrongly used is corroding societal values with disastrous effects.In any case it is death dealing. Certain States in the USA, Canada and Australia have enacted legislation to curb the practice.

In Kenya sexting is rife , a casual talk with one youth indeed revealed that primary school students as low as in standard four(nine year old's) were frequenting pornographic sites and exchanging sexually explicit photos over their mobile phones. It is not doubt that the intimacy behind sex has been reduced to casual physical affair. Sexting is habit that needs drastic action to be curbed. As for parents make sure you know what your child is up to and discuss this issues openly lest yours becomes the next fatal victim of sexual predators.


  1. When I first heard of sexting it blew me away. My daughter will soon be at the age of using a cell phone. And you know just as well as I do that everyday texting will probably take over here life as it did millions of others. Watch what the text about and explain to your kids what it is and how not to be a part of any of it...
    Thank for the post.

  2. I just today published a new show on this topic and i wish I had seen your blog/post before I published the show. You brought up a few key things that I didn't even think of. Thanks for this post!


  3. This is indeed scary. It's happening here in Australia as well. There was a case last year where a group of young teens exploited a young disabled girl. And the issue was also raised of children trading in pornographic images of themselves:seeing nothing wrong with making a little money online with pictures of themselves. It blows the mind alright.



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