18 October, 2008

What the Readers of this Blog Are Saying !

Today i am letting some of the readers of this blog air their viewpoint on this blog as a sign of appreciation for my loyal readers readership....have a nice weekend!

Our Reviews
"you provided some great information, your site was very clean and straight forward, i like the topics and how they were organized, very good job...."

"I like your blog and your writing. I'm not sure I understand that top graphic, which makes it look like you are an art site or writing a travel blog to Europe. Think about a graphic of someplace in Nairobi, or of yourself, or anything that speaks more to your subject. "

"A really great blog, enjoyed reading through it and the posts on Brittish banks and Large Hadron Collider Beam Controversy were great. Added to favs so I can watch your blog and keep up to date with the bloggers from African nations. well done and good luck."

"Truly a Nairobian's Perspective! Interesting indeed. Keep it up!"

Allahn Joyce
"I love the simplicity of your site. The layout is really relaxing. One of the best I've seen. You have a nice picture at the top that captures readers' attention. How did you get those little tabs at the top? It's very cute!"

Baby Loves Pink
"Thanks. Loved your blog, loved what you are saying about paypal. Your content is good, site navigation is easy and responsive and you fit the category. Keep up the great work, I hope you get paypal soon."

"Hey your blog is pretty good and nice... Keep it up and have a nice time.. visit my blog too...www.monterines.blogspot.com"

"thank you for all this information that you have put together. I have two friends from this part of the world and i have passed your link on to them...i learned some things today...very kewl."

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  1. I agree with all the comments. You have fantastic and very informative weblog. Thank you always dropping by to my site. Hope I'll be more active sharing ideas here in feature.

  2. Your blog looks really beautiful by the way do you know Lingala at all? I am trying to find the lyrics of Kanda Bongo Man's Bili and can't find them any where. I love African Music and really want to learn this song!
    I just leart Mori Kante's Yeke Yeke.
    I look forward to finding out more of your culture.
    I once sang Swahili song years ago caled Nakupenda Penzi.

  3. That's great.. Monterines is there in the list. He is my brother.. Thanks for it...
    - Selerines

  4. Congrats Nairobian. I agree with those comments. Very informative. Kudos.



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